Thinking Out Loud

Why do smart people accept bad design? In the past few years, my family and I have stayed in a lot of hotels... beginning with various swim meets, college visits, business trips, and family vacations. During our travels, I have been noticing more and more poorly designed spaces. No one at anyplace we stayed seemed to care. In my frustration, I wrote a review of a hotel on a little site called Trip Advisor. As I did it, I thought, "Who will really be interested in my opinion?" Well, what a surprise I had! I even had readers asking me questions about my stay. Wow!

So here I am writing about the state of design in general.

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Thymeless Home Decor

At Thyme & Place Design we have long believed that good design and good quality products should be available to everyone. Our homes should always be a reflection of ourselves. Designers have a unique perspective on creating spaces that reflect the personalities of the people who inhabit them. Good design at affordable prices does not mean your home needs to have a cookie cutter look from a catalogue or discount chain. It should be personalized and unique just like you. With this in mind we’ve created a unique online interior design experience known as Thymeless Home Decor.

Our quality products, most of which are crafted in the U.S. and not found in big box stores, are available at the stroke of a key. We have assembled some fabulous finds to furnish your home, patio, garden, and gift list. If you need some professional guidance to supplement your own design flair, we have design packages available. For more information, just call us! We would love to hear from you.

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To Tile or Not to Tile: That is the Question

When planning a kitchen renovation, decisions about the backsplash often get put on the back burner. Because it’s often the most decorative element in the kitchen, clients tend to think about it in the same vein as an accessory for an outfit—something that can be decided on at the last minute.

But the right backsplash is an integral part of the planning process . . . every bit as essential as any other design decision. The backsplash you choose—and the way it is laid out—can affect where electrical outlets are positioned, how the hood is installed (in the best scenarios, the tile is installed behind the hood, not jammed up against it), and the choices you make for cabinet finishes, countertops, and more.

From marble mosaic to metallic accents, the sky’s the limit with the products available for your kitchen backsplash today.

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Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

New innovations and trends for outdoor kitchens—such as outdoor heaters, fire elements (including fireplaces and fire pits), space heaters and sheltered areas--have extended the outdoor season, making these kitchens useable from Easter to Thanksgiving. With today’s trend towards less formal entertaining, an outdoor kitchen with areas for dining, seating, and even a bar will get lots of use.

outdoor kitchen

But, in order to be successful, you should invest the same amount of time in careful planning for this outdoor kitchen as you would for an indoor kitchen. This means working with a team: an interior designer who specializes in kitchens, a landscape architect, and a contractor.

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Pick Me Up

Whether it's an integral part of a brand new space or a "pick me up" for a room that needs some refreshing, wallpaper is what's giving today's rooms their pop of personality.

The practical advantages are many: they are scrubbable, mildew-resistant, and, unlike paint, not subject to "dings" in high traffic areas. And the aesthetic advantages just can't be beat.

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