$ 25.00

The Veranda collection brings chic summer vibes to both indoor and outdoor spaces. A pretty paisley in a vibrant contemporary colorway, the Pezzola France design enlivens porches and patios with whimsical style and floral feminine charm. This polyester pillow boasts garden-inspired hues of bright blue, green, yellow, and hints burnt orange.

Sizes available: 13" x 18",  18" x 18" Pillow 

100% Polyester outer, Polyfill insert.

Wash the whole pillow on a gentle-wash cycle in warm water with a very mild detergent. Detergent for delicate fabrics is usually suitable. Remove the pillow as soon as the washing machine has ended the cycle and has shut off. Hang the pillow  to dry in a well-ventilated area. Fluff the pillow once it is dry in order to maintain its form. Don't use the pillow until it is completely dry. Damp pillows will attract dirt more easily.

Made in USA.

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