Allow me to present our products...

Indoor outdoor rugs and cubes: Have you heard the saying "don't tread on me" well say goodbye to that!  These fabulous and functional indoor/outdoor eco conscious line of home décor products will add value to American homes and enrich the lives of the artisans who create them. Colorful rugs and cubes for your patio, outdoor kitchen, around the pool or inside your home, this product is pretty and practical and will make your friends "green with envy" This company works diligently to create beautiful and affordable products for your home décor while keeping the most important aspect of our mission in mind – reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. In spite of the many challenges, they are committed to producing and delivering our products in the most environmentally-friendly manner to customers.

Kitchen helpers to make cooking fun and clean up easier: Our quirky line of fun and functional kitchen cooking accessories where everything is uniquely useful and different for a reason. Being different only matters when it is useful and the simplest ideas and the best. 

Hand made in the USA still matters: Many of our products are made in the the good ole US of A.

Our hand made cabinet and furniture hardware is carefully designed and cast. Here are the words of the designer  "all of our designs are cast in an ultra pure food grade non-toxic alloy of pewter with silver in it. The weight and likeness to cast silver is noticeable, however, it will not tarnish and costs a fraction of what a similar item in pure silver would. Our manufacturing processes produce almost no waste and we hand finish every item. Every item is "cast to order" so we never send you hardware that has been laying around or that arrived in a crate from some foreign factory. Everything is created in our Texas hill country studio and quality is our number one priority"

Our owl face chairs come from MaineThe Owl® Stool is handcrafted for maximum ergonomic comfort. Its designed to help relieve back pain by easing spine tension and sitting pressures. The solid cherry and walnut seat is masterfully sculpted to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. - Here is what the artist says about his work "My inspiration as a furniture designer began with Scandinavian and eastern influences. These forms were close to my heart many years ago while I was studying with the Danish master, Tage Frid at the Rhode Island School of Design. He taught me to design with practicality, build with integrity and work with efficiency, but most importantly, not to compromise beauty. Over the years I have developed a vocabulary guided by the geometry of nature; the nautilus spiral, a budding flower, or the wing of a crow, and gained a sense of proportion and confidence in applying sculptural forms to my work. I am fortunate in that I still draw passion from this trade of working with wood, using my hands to transform trees and beautiful boards into heirlooms that bring my customers joy. - 

From the heart of Lancaster County  come our handcrafted wooden kitchen accessories. Paper towel holders, platters, cutting boards and serving trays made with time honored woodworking traditions make these practical pieces worthy of display. These pieces come from a third generation family owned company in operation since 1960. The patterns and grain lines within each piece of wood are unique and beautiful. We honor these gifts from nature by handcrafting exceptional products.The wood scrapes and by products we produce are recycled to heat the buildings and provide bedding to many local farmers.

You will flip your lid and pop your cork for our Corkcicles and Chillsners.  These fun and funky chillers will keep your libations at the perfect sipping temperature. Just pop them into the freezer to cool down and they will keep your beverage cool without diluting the taste. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the prettiest interior of all? Our beautiful collection of mirrors are made for every room of your home. As a decorative accent or a refection of you, we have assembled the perfect compliment for your decor. 

Let there be light! Don't find yourself left in the dark again. So many lights so little Thyme & Place. Our lighting selection will light up your day. From floor lamps to table lamps to decorative pendants we can help "highlight" your space with different styles and sizes.